Gdańsk is an exceptional city. It’s a place where extraordinary ideas were born and great historical events took place. This is where forty years ago a solidarity strike led by Lech Wałęsa broke out, as a result of which the social movement of Solidarity was created. Yet, for us, the residents of Gdańsk, Solidarity is not only a historical fact. We are trying to practice Solidarity every day, both through actions undertaken by the city authorities and day-to-day activities carried out by our residents.

Described in Gdańsk 2030 Plus Development Strategy, voluntary service and active citizenship have become important goals for our city over the last few years.

Apart from ensuring constant financing of all voluntary actions and running the Voluntary Centre, we have also created various funds and mini-grants for active citizens.

Regular promotional campaigns, Gdańsk Volunteer Week, and the first mobile volunteer agency application in Poland are just a few specific actions which strengthen the role of voluntary service in Gdańsk.We focus on including all our residents, thanks to which they are inclined to activate and reinforce their competences. However, voluntary service also means causative power both at the local neighbourly level and at the whole city level.

Thanks to highly developed structures, we are able to jointly and effectively face the challenges and needs of our city even in the most critical situations, such as the coronavirus outbreak.



Volunteering in Gdańsk

Volunteering in Gdańsk has a long story. For sure the milestone was the establishment in 1994 of an organization gathering volunteers. It is over a quarter of a century of functioning of the institution bringing together volunteers in our city. The city of Gdańsk has been supporting volunteers and civic initiatives for many years. It provides permanent funding for voluntary activities and runs the Regional Volunteer Center with a database of offers for volunteers together with individual support and training.

In fact “volunteering” covers two dimensions of the same activity. Individual – affecting each single volunteer and social – affecting the local community and public space.

Volunteering focuses on development. It allows you to understand others, shapes readiness to take action, take responsibility, teaches you to look for solutions in various situations in everyday life, and gives an example of good social attitudes. It teaches respect for other people, draws attention to the weaker ones. Volunteering also shapes the personality, develops interests, and gives the opportunity to be a role model.

The support of the Municipality of Gdańsk and the power of citizens’ involvement – this natural combination led to the title of the European Capital of Volunteering 2022. Gdańsk was, is and will be ready to promote the culture of volunteering and inspire others on the international arena with its initiatives.


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