Soon, on December 5th we will find out if City of Gdańsk will become European Volunteer Capital 2020. This honorable title will be grand distinction for Gdańsk but also a big THANK YOU for every volunteers and organizations, to whom the idea of volunteering is close.

We keep tightly our fingers crossed for winning.
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As every year, we cordially invite you to the Volunteering Gala “Active in the City” 2020!

It is primarily a celebration of Gdańsk volunteers, but also appreciating and integrating the Gdańsk community of volunteers, promoting the idea of volunteering among Gdańsk citizens, and disseminating knowledge about the activities and actions of non-governmental organizations, public institutions and entrepreneurs, in which volunteers are involved throughout the year.

This time, GALA will be very special for two reasons! Gdańsk has a chance to become the European Capital of Volunteering (EVC) in 2022. Our city competes for this honorable title with Izmir, Madrid and Italian Gorizia! Keep fingers crossed!

Our gala will be held ONLINE, with live broadcast!

We hope – see you soon! 🙂 More information:

Volunteering is one of the three activities of the European Solidarity Corps. You do not need to have any experience to take part in the project, no specialist education or knowledge of a foreign language is required – anyone can apply! Volunteering is a great introduction to a professional career, fulfillment of ambitions, a way to develop your passions, the beginning of an adventure with working for others. Motivation to participate in the project is different for everyone, but for everyone volunteering is an adventure of a lifetime.

If you want to do something useful for the local community, get involved in the activities of an NGO, get involved in grassroots initiatives, change the reality that surrounds you – volunteer projects are for you!

Take up the challenge and volunteer with the European Solidarity Corps!

It is enough for you to be at least 18 years of age and under 30, come from Poland or legally stay here and want to get involved in the work of an NGO in Poland or abroad. The first and most important step is to register in the European Solidarity Corps database.

Your volunteering project may last up to 12 months and concern various spheres and areas – you choose the subject and length of the project yourself. You can get involved in ecological projects, help children learn, organize social campaigns, support human rights movements, promote democracy and young people’s involvement in social life, activate older people – you can do anything! Your actions will respond to the current problems and needs of various social groups or the environment.

The Regional Volunteer Center in Gdańsk is an accredited supporting organization. This means that:

  • we will help you in searching for the optimal offer;
  • we will contact the host organization on your behalf;
  • we will handle all formalities with you;
  • we will also support you during your stay abroad.

You can work in different areas:

  • activation of the local community
  • promoting social involvement
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle about ecology,
  • working with children for work with youth
  • working with seniors, work with refugees
  • support and assistance in the daily activities of non-governmental organizations,
  • work with minorities, to promote other cultures, to promoting European values ​​and the idea of ​​solidarity,
  • working with animals and many more.


Szymon Knitter

792 665 878

As part of employee volunteering, officials in Gdańsk created a unique motivational game. The player jumps over the board from day to day to take up challenges, help others and have fun. There are 31 tasks waiting for participants to take care of health, relationships or the environment. The project is an initiative as part of the Hour for Gdańsk campaign, which took place on October 13.

Play and take care of yourself and others

As part of the Hour for Gdańsk, volunteers from the City Hall created a motivational game. Its aim is to draw attention to the little things that can be done for yourself and others, taking care of the psychological comfort, the planet and the other person. Through play, the authors want to attract attention and encourage reflection on everyday habits, show various social possibilities of help and encourage discussion. The game is also supposed to encourage people to volunteer through play. The board is attached.

How to play?

The game consists of 31 fields. Each field is one day and one challenge to do or think about.

1. Print the board, hang it on the cork board

2. Invite your friends to play

3. Set the pieces at the start (e.g. sticking pins) and start on October 1

Employee volunteering – because e it is worth helping

You can also act and help in your workplace. Employee volunteering has been operating successfully at the Gdańsk City Hall for 4 years. The committed employees have had many successful aid and support actions for the residents and non-governmental organizations from Gdańsk. Volunteering at workplaces is the activities of volunteer employees for the benefit of others. Those involved use their skills, while developing talents in other areas.

Volunteers from the Municipality Office will be happy to share their knowledge and good practices on how to create such an initiative at work. We encourage all interested parties to contact us by e-mail at